Born in Campinas (SP) - Brazil, Marcio Pilot is a fine art photographer with exhibitions  at;

2022 – Argentina Biennial 

2021 – Florence Biennial (Italy)

2020 - Modigliana , Odissei  (Italy)

2019  - Florence Biennial (Italy) 

2019  - Memorial de Arte Adélio Sarro (Brazil)

2019  - Ligia Testa Art Gallery (Brazil)

2018  - Artes Múltiplas (Brazil)

2017  - SOAL - São Paulo (Brazil) 

2015  - Conrad Cassino Punta Del Est (Uruguay) 

2014  - Argentina Biennial 

2014  - Agora Gallery NYC (USA) 

2010  - Agora Gallery NYC (USA)

2008  - Colorida Gallery Lisbon (Portugal)

2007  -  SESI (Brazil)

2007  -  Leica Gallery  São Paulo (Brazil)

....And for this artist, dance consists of sound, light and beauty. Even in photographs where the subject is obviously lying still, his images are still evocative of these three elements. Pilot says that what he loves most about creating art is the personal awareness that people are seeing the world through his eyes.

Angela DiBello, Agora Gallery – NYC – 2014


Marcio is an actor ! An actor that photographs other actors while interacting with them and that’s rare, very rare thing.

Gerald Thomas – opera & theatre playwright – NYC – 2014


One cannot stop cherishing the beauty and sensuality of female forms of Marcio Pilot’s images. His divine landscape and the warm and delicate textures of his work, the curves, oh the curves of Brazilian beauties, yes it a breathtaking moment every time any admirer 

Cliff Li – Leica Gallery São Paulo – 2007


Marcio Pilot progress beauty, desire and mystery to news feats while creating fantastic world landscapes with hills and valleys of surrealistic boundary. He provides us with alternate realities in which to retreat and get lost.

David Zelikovsky – Chair and the Maiden Gallery – NYC  

Curator for Argentina’s International Biennial of Contemporary Arts – 2014 

Marcio Pilot is a gifted artist who has the ability to create photographic compositions with a unique freshness. His use of lights and colours, his perspective, often surprising and always bewitching, his inspiration, allow us to enjoy the beauty represented in his works in various forms, be they those of femininity or nature. In both cases, his gaze gives us a precious experience, highlighting the splendour of life with strength and creativity.

Giovanni Cordoni, Florence Biennale

Event Manager and Member of the Curatorial Board 

© 2020 by Marcio Pilot 

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